The Battle of Polytopia
The Battle of Polytopia

Добро пожаловать в уникальную пошаговую стратегию, действие которой происходит в загадочном плоском мире Квадрата.

Отзывы о The Battle of Polytopia

Политопия это когда максимально простая игра и геймлейно и визуально ощущается лучше половины стратегий на твоей памяти.
Политопия это когда буквально каждый бот на высокой сложности если их больше 2х начинают спаммить вас наездниками так, словно они повторяют Монгольское вторжение.
Политопия это когда открываешь дерево исследований, чтобы саундтрек послушать.
Политопия это когда оттягиваешь захват последнего города врага, потому что ещё не открыл всю карту, не построил город 22 уровня, не набрал 100 звёзд, не продержался 5 ходов без того, чтобы врезать кому-то и не открыл всю карту.
Политопия это когда ты одновременно и напрягаешь извилины и расслабляешься
Политопия это когда каждая фракция имеет свою стилистику и проработку более глубокую, чем в Destiny 2
Политопия это офигенная игра
You can choose between 3 game modes: single player against AIs, pass-and-play multiplayer (alternating on the same computer), and online multiplayer. The number and difficulty of computer players is configurable. Each player chooses a 'tribe' with a specific design, a typical landscape and a typical pre-researched technology. A normal world map for Polytopia consists of 16×16 square tiles, shown in an isometric view from above. The maximum size is 30×30, which is small even compared to map sizes in the 1991 game. Initially only the 5×5 square of the world map centered on the player's capital city is visible; everything else is hidden under cloud cover. More squares can be revealed by moving the initial unit close to them.

Each city occupies exactly one square, but the surrounding squares are associated with it. The level of a city is written next to its name. Below the name there is a bar with a certain number of segments which start gray but turn blue from left to right when the player builds improvements on nearby tiles (at most one per tile) to add population. (The improvement stays in the landscape.) When the entire bar is blue, the city levels up, and the bar is reset to all gray and gets an extra segment. When a city levels up, there is a choice between two gifts, often between a high-scoring but otherwise useless one and a very practical one.

The player starts with a single unit in the capital. Every map tile can hold only one unit. A new unit can be 'trained' (purchased with stars) in any empty city whose bar still has space for another black dot. The basic stats of a unit are Health (how much damage they can take before dying), Attack (how much damage they can dish out), Defense (how much damage they can parry), Movement (how far they can move) and Range (how far away they can attack).

The game has a three-level research tree consisting of 25 technologies that can be 'researched' (purchased with stars). The price goes up with the number of cities the player holds.
Many technologies enable new building and unit types, but there are also other effects

There are numerous ways for the player to add victory points to their score. This is most relevant for the standard game mode, in which the game is over after precisely 30 turns and highest score wins.

Comparison to the other most typical civ-likes
Секрет: на самом деле эту игру разрабатывали GSC Game World, ибо она тоже вышла не в январе 2019 а спустя сто лет.
The game has a charming style. The developer created a great design that helps this game stand out. It's not common to find a strategic game with a minimalist style as this one has.

I like the interface of this game. It's strange to give credit to that, but I do because many games don't care about the menu or options.

The overall music is nothing extraordinary, but it's not bad either. I like how every tribe has its theme. That shows the effort of doing this game, something that I appreciate. You also can hear that every music has its style to match the respective tribe, something outstanding.

I love so much that on the language options, you can choose ∑∫ỹriȱŋ language. It's interesting when people develop this type of secret language and put it in their games.

Civilization light is the best way to describe this game. The game has a very simple concept with a few units, a little research and a lot of fun! Each tribe has its units and benefits which makes each game slightly different. There have been several expansions with more and more tribes. Multiplayer is also been added to this game which gives It even more replay ability. Though I think Multiplayer does work easier on your phone then on the cpu. I have attached a little gameplay above, you can also find this game on your phone.
The game is good, and even though the AI is a little easy, a large map with an many players as possible is fun!!
Very simple to learn
If you like Civilizations you’ll like this game
Online play work better on mobile